Recorder letters: Kenneth More Theatre, King George A&E, thanks to Whipps Cross, CCTV, postal appointments and baking for Alzheimer’s

Ken Gaunt wonders why the money for the new theatre can't be spent on the High Road. Picture: KEN ME

Ken Gaunt wonders why the money for the new theatre can't be spent on the High Road. Picture: KEN MEARS - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Focus on improving High Road

Ken Gaunt, Barking, writes:

I was pleased to read David Wallace's letter in last week's Ilford Recorder concerning the closure of the Kenneth More Theatre (KMT) and the Central Library. I totally agree with 100per cent of what he wrote.

The KMT, apart from a few minor refurbishment issues, is a totally comfortable and well managed theatre and has long been since it opened in 1974 with a nice relaxing bar where people and families can meet up and have a drink before the show.

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As David states, the theatre was a key starting point for many amateur theatre companies to show off their work, also many schools and special need schools in and around the borough used the theatre and it is used for The Jack Petchey Awards for over 200 schools to show off their achievements throughout the year.

Many performers have found the KMT a stepping stone in their acting careers and gone on to bigger roles in West End productions.

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The council states it is going to open a 900 seater theatre. If this is going to be on the Queen's Theatre scale it is hard to fill and what extraordinary prices will they charge?

All the millions of patrons who have passed through the KMT doors and many, many, regulars find it well within their price range with first class performances up to West End standard.

As I stated in a previous letter the council should open their eyes and look at the run down High Road with all the big shops closing.

I see Poundland has closed which has only been open just on a year, also I heard Marks is pulling out of the High Road.

Come along councillors, surely you should be looking at the High Road and surrounding area and the appalling parking restrictions.

Secondly, I understand the Central Library with its museum is the fifth best used in the country with over 25 million visitors since opening in 1986.

And what happened to the £1million the council spent refurbishing it in 2012?

As for the swimming pool, you already had one in Ilford which could have been saved and has now gone to Barkingside.

It seems Redbridge Council just likes wasting money.

Partial investment would be better

Barbara White, full address supplied, writes:

In a previous week's Ilford Recorder the heading on the letters page was "Why replace perfectly good library".

In last week's Recorder the heading was "Leave library and theatre alone".

I know that there is nothing more constant than change and that the council will have more information than the vast majority of the residents but it is how they manage that change, not only financially but morally.

As the writer stated re the Kenneth More Theatre, refurbishment not re-build is what is required.

Obviously the Redbridge Theatre Company met with the council and requested a partial subsidy, (I call it investment) while it continued on fundraising and worked on what I consider a much needed increased diversity of productions.

A partial investment isn't asking for much when you consider how much pleasure and happiness the theatre has given to local residents both young and old.

These are things that can't be valued in financial terms as they are priceless.

Remember the saying "the cost of everything but the value of nothing".

Walk to keep full A&E service

Bob Archer and Andy Walker, Ilford, full address supplied, write:

We have organised a walk from King George Hospital at 1.45pm on July 20 to Ilford Town Hall for a 3pm meeting to say a full A&E service must be maintained at King George.

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Fantastic service at Whipps Cross

Phillipa Garland, full address supplied, writes:

I would just like to thank all the staff at Whipps Cross Hospital on Sunday, July 14 for all their help, when my husband attended A&E with a swollen, painful foot.

He arrived at 10.30am and was on his way home by 12.30, having had an X-ray and blood tests.

We were especially grateful as we had a wedding at 2.30 in Chelmsford and arrived just as the ceremony was starting.

Fantastic service and the NHS deserves a pat on the back!

With many thanks and gratitude.

Wrong time to cut back on CCTV

A Hornchurch resident, full address supplied, writes:

The primary concern of residents in any London borough is crime and security. So, why is Redbridge Council cutting funding for CCTV?

Statistics show that CCTV is a huge factor in successful prosecution for robbery, assault and other anti-social behaviour.

When the nationwide message is all about reducing knife crime, Redbridge decide now is the time to cut back on this vital crime-solving tool.

Residents polls carried out over recent years has shown that crime has topped the list of residents worries.

This measure doesn't seem to be giving those living in Redbridge what they want or deserve.

Post causing us to miss appointments

Mr A Still, York Road, Ilford, writes:

Hospitals have a new way of getting you off their lists.

They send you a letter, the post is awful, you don't get your letter ie you've missed your appointment, so you're off their lists.

It's happened to me and I've found lots of other folk it's happened to as well. It's not fair.

Thanks for baking for Alzheimer's

Rebecca Greenbank, Alzheimer's Society community fundraiser, writes:

On behalf of Alzheimer's Society I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to your readers for uniting against dementia and taking part in Cupcake Day 2019.

Alzheimer's Society is investing in, and accelerating, dementia research and has committed to spending at least £150m in the next decade. Every Cupcake Day event helps Alzheimer's Society find a cure, improve care and offer support, help and understanding for people affected.

We are so grateful to all the bakers and fakers who have taken part in Cupcake Day this year.

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