Recorder letters: Fairlop Waters, Brexit, pollution and RAF100 thanks

The route of the haul road through Fairlop Waters has been altered to protect wildlife. Picture: KEN

The route of the haul road through Fairlop Waters has been altered to protect wildlife. Picture: KEN MEARS - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Thanks for help in haul road fight

Jenny Chalmers, chairman, Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, full address supplied, writes:

Further to the letter from Mr R Carter, there are those of us in Redbridge who care about the world around us, including the unnecessary destruction of wildlife habitats.

This was substantiated by over 2,400 signatures on the petition to move a haul road from its intended site in a beautiful, wooded part of Fairlop Waters Country Park onto adjacent open land.

On the other hand there are those who are so motivated by self-interest, that they will try and bully, shout and lie to make others accept their views.

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Luckily in this case, they have not prevailed. At the full council meeting on November 22, the council saw sense and agreed with us to have the position of the haul road moved to open land.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who supported us in getting this result, including local wildlife groups, councillors, users of Fairlop Waters and residents of Aldborough Hatch and beyond.

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PM’s surrender to EU is a betrayal

Will Podmore, Clavering Road, Wanstead, writes:

Britain could leave the EU without a deal and trade with EU member countries on World Trade Organisation terms. These are the terms on which we trade with non-EU countries already, without falling off any cliff.

Mrs May is now openly aligned with the EU’s leaders in trying to impose the deal they want.

Until the deal is ditched, we must do all we can to ensure that people and MPs oppose the deal. The alternative to her deal is not no Brexit but no deal. Her deal is no Brexit.

Her deal would give us even less control, even less sovereignty, than we had before. Her deal grants a veto over the country’s future to a third party.

This is the deal that the EU has always wanted, a deal that seals us back into the EU, paying it however much it wants, with no rebate, no say, no control.

Treaties normally allow either party to withdraw. The EU’s proposed treaty would not. The customs backstop would be even harder to leave than the EU. Tony Blair said that the EU will never let us leave its customs union after March 29 “whatever they say before then”.

Mrs May’s surrender to the EU has been a betrayal in slow motion. It is a betrayal unprecedented in British history: a government of Britain complicit in an agreement that grants a veto over the country’s future to a third party.

We cannot go on poisoning planet

Cllr Paul Donovan, Dangan Road,Wanstead, writes:

The dangers being caused by pollution to human health seem to grow on a daily basis.

The latest report from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health found 50,000 dying in the UK each year due to pollution-related diseases.

A Kings College study found 9,500 dying in London in 2015 due to pollution related diseases.

There has been the tragic case of nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah, who died from an asthma attack. Ella lived close to the South Circular Road and her death has been linked to illegal levels of polluted air. The list goes on.

So why do we put up with it? Diesel fuelled cars are major polluters, yet people continue to drive their kids to school in them.

Vehicle emissions are a big problem, that can only be remedied by using polluting vehicles less.

There are, of course, other causes like emissions from industrial processes and aircraft. All need addressing.

The Mayor of London has raised the profile of the pollution problem and has led initiatives to reduce this scourge.

In Wanstead, we too will be trying to do our bit on cutting pollution as part of the environmental charter. Any contributions to this process will be most welcome.

What is for sure is that we cannot go on poisoning the planet and each other in this way.

Incredible support for RAF100 Appeal

Simon Collins, chairman, RAF100 Appeal, writes:

As a year of celebrations and commemorative events to mark the Royal Air Force’s centenary comes to a close, here at the RAF100 Appeal we have taken stock of the incredible public and corporate support which has sent our campaign soaring to new heights.

Very few British people can look back at their family history over the past 100 years and find themselves untouched by the courage, capability and achievements of the men and women who served – and continue to serve – in our Royal Air Force.

This year has been a truly momentous occasion.

The July 10 Parade and Flypast attracted widespread and positive national and international coverage, providing the public with the opportunity to engage with RAF100 and show their support for the service.

Through RAF100 Inspire, 1.6 million-plus children were reached through the RAF’s educational initiatives.

Over 165,000 visitors were able to engage with the RAF through the static Aircraft Tour which visited six different UK venues, and an innovative approach to engagement brought the RAF into contact with the British public through sport, education and digital media.

Thanks to the generous support of the general public who donated, the fundraisers who took on a range of fantastic challenges – from 100-mile hikes to tandem jumps to super marathons – and to our corporate partners, the appeal has raised over £3million to date.

These vital funds will enable the Royal Air Force, RAF Benevolent Fund, RAF Association, RAF Charitable Trust and RAF Museum to ensure all members of the RAF family, past, present and future, are honoured, supported and inspired.

A special thank you to our headline sponsors – Babcock International Group, BAE

Systems, Fujitsu and Marks & Spencer – for their support throughout the year.

The RAF’s centenary has provided an opportunity to share the legacy of all the brave airmen and women who have, and continue to, serve their country.

The British public have answered our call and their generosity will allow these five organisations to inspire and support for the next 100 years.

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