Ilford Muslim leader Bashir Chaudhry says people from other faiths should work in Islamic schools

Bashir Chaudhry

Bashir Chaudhry - Credit: Archant

A Muslim leader in Ilford has defended the right of those from different faiths to work in Islamic schools in the UK.

Last week a Derby teacher spoke out, claiming she left her job last year at an Islamic School because of pressure from other staff to wear a hijab.

The 50-year-old Christian made headlines across the country after she claimed how her business suit, which fell well below the knee, was described as “abhorrent” and “figure hugging” by a fellow staff member.

Yet, Bashir Chaudhry, chairman of league of British Muslims, welcomed the idea of more non-Muslim teachers working in faith schools.

He said: “Of course, they should be modestly dressed, they should be covering their bodies but they do not need to cover their faces.

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“As long as they not dressed in mini-skirts or provocatively it is fine.”

The Islamic Al-Madinah school in Derby, one of the newest of the Government-sponsored free schools, has since closed following an inspection by Ofsted. It opened in 2012.

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Ofsted have refused to reveal its concerns, while the school said a “health and safety” issue lay behind its temporary closure.

Mr Chaudhry went on to say that the case of non-Muslim teachers working in Islamic schools is no different from muslim teachers working in Church of England schools.

“I would be happy for non-Muslim teachers to come into a Muslim faith school,” added Mr Chaudhry, who works from Ilford Muslim Community Centre on Eton Row.

“It is just like Muslim children going to an English school. There shouldn’t be a restriction on this.

“Apart from assembly when a teacher (of the school’s faith) would be required after that then anyone can teach, can they not?”

Al Noor Muslim Primary School on Green Lane was the first Islamic school to be opened in Redbridge.

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