Wes Streeting: 'Country is up the creek without a paddle'

Empty fuel pumps at a petrol station in York as Coronavirus continues to affect the UK. The death to

Empty petrol pumps - Credit: PA

Every day brings new chaos under this government with working people paying the price. In recent weeks we’ve seen empty petrol pumps, shortages in supermarkets and household bills going up. 

Instead of getting a grip on these crises, the prime minister has put his out of office on and taken himself off on holiday. 

If this weren’t bad enough, people on low incomes have just had over £80 a month taken away in universal credit and most of us are facing a 10 per cent rise in national insurance

MP Wes Streeting accuses the government of "dither and delay".

MP Wes Streeting - Credit: Archant

This is the problem with Boris Johnson’s government as I see it. They’re out of touch, which means they make decisions that can hurt working people.

They don’t listen to warnings, which means we end up with disruption to supply chains and rising prices. The country is up the creek without a paddle.

I can’t imagine Keir Starmer swanning off in a crisis. Labour would cancel the national insurance rise and the cut to universal credit, because it’s not fair that working people are clobbered while some of the wealthiest individuals and corporations don’t pay a penny extra.

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We’d promise to try and get the country moving again with some temporary work visas to buy us some extra time to skills up our own people to fill shortages.

We’d increase pay and working conditions to help plug gaps and boost productivity. And we’d try to fix the prime minister’s botched Brexit deal that has caused more problems than it solved.

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That’s the choice facing the country.

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