Ilford man becomes millionaire and jumps out of plane

An Ilford sky diver leapt from a plane with his �1million EuroMillions ticket before collecting his winnings.

Father of one George Traykov celebrated his win by taking the ticket on a sky-diving jump.

The 43-year-old housekeeping manager, once a member of the Bulgarian national Sky diving team, decided jumping with the winning ticket was the perfect way to celebrate his good fortune.

He said: “It’s a tradition at the airfield that anyone who reaches a milestone such as their hundredth jump, must buy everyone drinks.

“I figured that jumping with a million pounds must be worth a beer.”

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George almost missed out on his prize because he only plays when the jackpot reaches more than �70million.

The winner even played a couple of other games before remembering to check his previous ticket from September 6.

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Even when he finally checked his tickets at the terminal in his local garage and was advised to call Camelot, George still went about his day before finally checking the ticket at 2am online.

George, originally from Bulgaria, has lived in the UK for more than 15 years.

He said: “I generally consider myself lucky. I have a beautiful daughter, great home and a job I truly love working in the private hospital, The Princess Grace in London.

“But hopefully this will make a huge difference for my daughter including being able to continue her sky diving training. Although she’s only 12 she is already ‘jumping’ at a wind tunnel in Milton Keynes.”

George bought his winning ticket in Regent Street, London.

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