Ilford green space to be fenced off in face of prostitution and drinking

Prostitutes, people drinking until the early hours of the morning and blaring music in a small park mean it will now be fenced off.

One resident said the green space at the end of Norman Road and Ilford Lane, Ilford was a “shambles” and she had to call the police every night.

The resident who only wanted to be known as Heidi due to fear of retribution said: she said: “We really are suffering here, we are all suffering. It’s been going on for four years, people drinking until four in the morning and playing music from their cars. I used to ring the police every day.”

Vast amounts of litter which includes bottles, needles and used condoms have to be cleaned up every day from the area.

Heidi, 63, said: “They throw everything onto the floor, it’s a shambles. Prostitutes use the park and leave condoms on the floor.

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“My neighbour found condoms outside his house. Sometimes there are so many people in the park you cannot even walk through it.”

The park opened four years ago and was a project of Cllr Filly Maravala who said he feels “sad” that the recreational area is going to be fenced off.

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Mr Maravala said: “I had that small recreational ground put into place four or five years ago, but if it’s being misused to be a minority then we have to do what we have to do.”

Mr Maravala said that the area has to be cleaned numerous times a day and was the cause of numerous complaints from residents.

He said: “Officers are in the processes of fencing off the area. People are drinking, throwing litter and defecating and there’s a Hindu temple just on the other side of the road.

“It’s not nice to have all this going on hear a place of worship. I’m sad that we have had to take this action.”

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