Ilford driver clamped while caring for sick child

A driver is furious after he was clamped while he sat in the car looking after his sick three-year-old son.

Jaffer Khan, 36, pulled into the car park of New World Snooker, when his young son, in the back seat, began coughing violently.

The car park displays signs warning that parking there could lead to a fine but Mr Khan said he did not intend to stay.He told the Recorder he turned round in his seat to comfort his son, but claims he did not realise that a representative of the private enforcement firm Securak had clamped the rear wheel of his VW Polo car, at about 3.30pm this afternoon.

Mr Khan, 31, who lives in Barkingside and also had his six-year-old son in the car.

He said: “They have just told me I have to pay �375 to release the clamp.

“I feel like crying - I just don’t understand how they can do that without me feeling anything - I just got a tap at the window.

“The guy who did it was patronising and made me feel very small.

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“I pleaded with him that I had two children in the car.”

A white van had blocked the silver car in the space while the representative fitted a clamp first to the rear off side wheel and then to the front driver-side.

Mr Khan then called the police who arrived shortly afterwards.

After arriving at the car park behind the Exchange Shopping Centre, Constable Gray said: “I appreciate that you have your kids here, but you have parked illegally.

“I know it’s all wrong but there is nothing that we can do. I have been to calls before where the fine has got up to �1,200, I am more frustrated than you are.”

Mr Khan was still pleading with the members of Securak staff to release his car at 4.30pm.

Securak declined to comment when contacted by the Recorder.

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