Ilford clamping hotspot revealed

This is the Ilford car park enforced by “bullying” clampers which should be avoided by motorists.

The car park of New World American Pool and Snooker Club in Opal Mews, off Ley Street is monitored by company Securak and workers say they are immobilising five to 10 cars a day.

Since the company was hired at the beginning of the year, several drivers have contacted the Recorder claiming they have been clamped unfairly at the location.

The latest two were mother Binti Abu, of Eaton Road, Ilford, and electrician Eddison West, of Forest Gate, who were charged �498 and �997 respectively on Friday at around 4pm.

Mrs Abu, who had two young children in her car, claims she was blocked in by a Securak van as she tried to do a three point turn.

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Mr West then drove in and was looking to turn around but said he pulled up near Mrs Abu, who was crying, to see if she was OK.

However, as he did this he alleges he was also blocked in and clamped.

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Mr West said: “I felt threatened. My engine was still running and I told them they were insane.

“One man took offence to this and said ‘charge him the maximum’.

“They have no consideration or care, it’s all about money and bullying.”

Mrs Abu added: “I was told I couldn’t go anywhere and I thought I was going to be robbed.”

The Recorder spoke to a representative of the snooker club on Tuesday who insisted the clampers were working legitimately and said they had been employed following drug and parking problems.

While we were there two drivers were clamped, with one fined �225 and the other �475 after a tow truck was called out.

Securak director Kevin Stokes defended the clamping of Mrs Abu and Mr West and added: “I know the prices can get high but we do give drivers the opportunity to pay. My advice would be to pay when you are offered the declamp.

“We clamp five to 10 cars here a day. It used to be 15 but people are more aware now.”

• Do you have a clamping story to tell, or do you know another prolific clamping hotspot in Redbridge? Email, or call 020 8477 3800.

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