Ilford chalet protester claims victory in unfair dismissal row

An Ilford woman who barricaded herself inside a French Alps ski resort chalet for four days in protest over “unfair dismissal” has claimed victory over her bosses.

Aanya Madhani, 22, and six fellow disgruntled workers will finally leave the chalet today for the final time after showdown talks on Friday with company skithe3v resulted in an agreement to pay all outstanding wages.

The group sit-in began last Monday at the resort in Les Menuires when they received emails from company officials stating their contracts had been terminated and they would receive no pay for their work.

In a statement released after the four hour meeting with company representatives, Cambridge graduate Miss Madhani claimed “the company has had to back down over it’s miserly offer”.

She goes on to claim that all seven workers received half of a figure established by French authorities in cash and will receive the second half at the end of the month.

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Director of skithe3v Mark Ridgers had claimed the protest to be “a fracas out of nothing”, deeming the demands of the group to be “totally unreasonable”.

Grounds for the dismissal of all seven workers were seen as valid by Mr Ridgers, who claimed them to be responsible for damage to a company car and guilty of using company facilities without permission.

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Nicknamed Les Menuires Seven, the campaign generated on Facebook and Twitter to highlight their battle for fair treatment garnered interest from national press in England and France.

A delighted Miss Medhani said: “Thanks to everyone for their support. It was amazing.

“We would never have got this far without it.

“From a Facebook page to global news coverage within four days. C’est incroyable!”

The group were allowed to stay in the chalet over the weekend and enjoy the slopes as a gesture of good will from the company.

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