Ilford artist creates a moving tribute to victims of the Manchester bombing

Artful Skecha at Vaisakhi in Trafalgar Square in 2017

Artful Skecha at Vaisakhi in Trafalgar Square in 2017 - Credit: Artful Skecha

Across the world, artists have sought to pay tribute to the 22 people killed at Manchester Arena and express solidarity with those caught up in the terror attack.

Tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack Credit: Artful Skecha

Tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack Credit: Artful Skecha - Credit: Artful Skecha

Randeep Singh Sohal, from Ilford, who produces art under the name Artful Skecha, said he believed photographs and drawings help unite people across the world.

He said: “It acts as a tribute to pay respect to those affected by the incident, and to show appreciation for the humanity that rises in defiance during such events. “As an artist who has a visual platform at disposal, I believe it is a duty to try and unite people in difficult times like this.

“Sometimes art fills a void, where words do no justice, so if this can bring some comfort and peace amongst the chaos, it gives me a sense of contentment.”

Earlier this year, Randeep also created a drawing that he promoted online, in order to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming general election.

Don't forget to vote Credit: Artful Skecha

Don't forget to vote Credit: Artful Skecha - Credit: Artful Skecha

The popular artist on social media said his art, which is often inspired by his Sikh heritage, was boosted by his success as a youngster in a road safety artwork competition.

He said: “The interest in creating art roots back to an early age of four, when I found more of a likeness in filling up colouring books, than playing with toy cars. “Although I grew up learning to colour within the lines, and in doing so grasped the qualities of discipline and patience, I have also begun to appreciate the beauty in venturing outside of the lines.

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“In 2002 and 2003, I participated in the Redbridge road safety calendar competition, the first time I achieved a 3rd ranked position and had my artwork featured in the calendar.

“However I was determined to surpass this achievement and in the following year I managed to win the whole competition!”

Punjaban Credit: Artful Skecha

Punjaban Credit: Artful Skecha - Credit: Artful Skecha

In April, Randeep said he was delighted to have his work selected for display, at the Mayor of London’s office, City Hall, and Trafalgar Square.

The exhibition, which focused on the varying roles of women in Punjabi culture, depicted a nostalgic way of life.

He said: “The roles of women both economically and socially across textiles, agriculture, cuisine has been integral to the prosperity of Punjabi culture and this artwork is a testament to these pillars of society.

“The series brings together an artful style of drawing with a particular palette of colours that intends to transcend the viewer to a time of pure divine and sovereign.

“Along with a lot of my work, this series aspires to inspire - to bridge a gap with a contemporary context, educate the viewer on such elements of the culture and encourage discussion on societal issues relating to Punjab. “