Hundreds of objections logged over South Woodford Mosque planning application

A proposal to rebuild a mosque in South Woodford has been met by objections from residents worried about parking, congestion and the height of the building.

About 250 representations have been made to the planning application which is listed on the Redbridge Council website.

The application for South Woodford Mosque, in Mulberry Way, states trustees want to demolish the one storey building and replace it with a new one.

Imam at the mosque, Dr Mohammed Fahim, said it was impossible to please everyone, but they had tried to take as many people’s comments on board as possible.

“We have done our best,” he said. “We have distributed leaflets, we have invited everyone to two public meetings and met with the planning department.

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“We did not reach this final design without consultation. It’s normal for people to object – that is life.”

The proposed new building will be three-storeys with a mosque and community centre as well as four flats on the top floor.

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One of the common concerns raised in the objections was congestion and lack of parking each Friday when prayers are held. Dr Fahim said: “We have requested double yellow lines around the front of the building and the council agreed and they will be in place in the next few weeks. We have a car park and encourage people to use public transport.”

The mosque has a capacity of 250 people which will remain the same if the new building goes ahead.

“Friday is a busy time for everyone, not just us,” Dr Fahim said. “It’s a couple of hours and that’s it.”

Other complaints include the height of the building and the architecture being different to that around it. Dr Fahim added: “People must get used to living in London. As for the decorative wall, well this is better than the graffiti people used to write all over it.

“We thought we would put something attractive – there’s nothing sinister about it.”

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