'Not acceptable': Residents mount opposition to plumbers' building plan

Crescent Road in South Woodford

Crescent Road in South Woodford - Credit: CRAG

Neighbours in a South Woodford street have come together to oppose plans to build 18 flats on the other side of their road. 

Crescent Road Action Group (CRAG) is concerned City Plumbing Ltd’s proposal to redevelop its warehouse site would lead to the destruction of a line of trees and spoil the character of the surroundings. 

The company has asked Redbridge Council for permission to build a new warehouse and trade counter, as well as six office units and 18 residential units. 

The warehouse site on Raven Road is separated from Crescent Road by a "green corridor" of trees, which CRAG claims would be impacted if the development goes ahead. 

Nick Dhillon from City Plumbing Ltd said the site was “in urgent need of redevelopment” and insisted the plans would produce “a more pleasant streetscape”, with a new pavement, street lighting and “high-quality planting”. 

“Our aim is to improve the area with high-quality housing and state of the art office space to attract better, high paying jobs,” he said. 

After attending City Plumbing Ltd’s online consultation, a group of Crescent Road residents met on September 22 to organise their opposition to the application. 

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Margaret Watson, a Crescent Road resident, said: “Apart from the destruction of the trees – which, itself, should never be allowed – Crescent Road was designed for housing on one side of the road only and developments on the other side are simply not acceptable to us.”

Alison Hodges, another resident, said the proposal should be stopped before it even reaches planners and promised to oppose it “every step of the way”. 

CRAG claims the proposal is not in keeping with the traditional Victorian and Edwardian red and yellow brick houses in the road.

It also fears there is insufficient parking on the street to accommodate 18 new flats and newcomers would put pressure on local schools, nurseries and services in the local area. 

City Plumbing Ltd said it had proposed adequate additional parking. 

Redbridge Council said it had engaged with pre-application discussions with the applicant and said it was “encouraging” to hear about consultation with residents.