‘Hit and run’ driver kills dog in front of owners in Goodmayes

A couple are trying to trace the driver who did not stop after killing their dog in Goodmayes on Sunday.

Pinky and Rak Kumar were putting their white toy poodle, Sammie, into the car to visit their family when the accident happened around 4.20pm.

Mr Kumar. 44, said Sammie ran across the Hazeldene Road when he saw another dog.

He added: “There was a car coming down the road at about 50 or 60mph, he didn’t have a chance.

“For three-and-a-half years he never went in the road and it was just seeing that other dog.

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“The driver could’ve stopped and apologised or helped or something but they just carried on.”

The vet who examined Sammie after the accident said he was killed instantly when his head caved in on impact.

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His body was tangled around the car’s wheel, causing a mud flap to come off.

Mr and Mrs Kumar had owned Sammie since he was a puppy.

They said he was a “kind, caring and loving dog” who would keep Mr Kumar company while he worked and always knew exactly when Mrs Kumar would arrive home.

“We loved our dog like a child,” Mr Kumar added.

The couple plan to report the incident to police and local councillors.

Mr Kumar said speeding is a problem on the road.

He added: “We’ve been saying to the council for years now to sort this road out, the speeding is atrocious.

“Now our dog is gone but it could have been worse. It could have been a child.”

The car is described as large and silver. Email rak@yess-rak.com or call 07834 734 207 with information.

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