Workers in Ilford find ‘human poo’ at office entrance

Workers in Ilford arrived at work to find “human poo” at their office entrance today (Wednesday).

The faeces were left by the back entrance of Adecco recruitment consultants in Cranbrook Road.

Consultant Hannah Isagba said: “We think it’s human, we’re about 90 per cent sure.

“We get it quite often, at least four or five times in the last few months.

“It’s not the nicest thing to see when you get to work in the morning.”

She said the back entrance in the car park, in Heron Mews, is used as a toilet because of a wall sheltering it from view.

Miss Isagba added: “We get a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts around here.”

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Adecco branch manager Carol Hobbs said Ilford town centre management are helping to deal with the problem.

She added: “These things happen but we are fortunate to be part of the business improvement district and the town centre management are very helpful in sorting problems out.”