Wanstead rehabilitation centre ‘could lose beds’ for elderly patients

A Wanstead rehabilitation centre for elderly people recovering from strokes and illnesses could lose nearly a third of its beds.

The Redbridge Health Scrutiny Committee was told 14 out of 46 beds at the Heronwood and Galleon Inpatient Facility, at the old Wanstead Hospital site in Makepeace Road, during a visit last month, according to member Neil Zammett.

He is concerned about the possible impact on the local community.

Mr Zammett said: “The services are closely linked to what happens at the acute hospitals and King George and Queen’s are showing signs of strain.

“For people who need a longer stay it’s a very good stepping stone so they can get back into the community and it frees up hospital space.”

The centre has a gym for exercise and occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses to help recovery.

Last year, a Care Quality Commission report found failings in treating patients with respect, safety and dealing with complaints.

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Improvements by the North East London NHS Foundation Trust have now met all criteria.

A spokesman for the Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group did not confirm there were plans to close beds but said any change would be put to a public consultation.

He added: “GPs are looking at ways to improve local rehabilitation services, not reduce or cut them.

“We want local people to have access to high quality, safe services, closer to home where possible, so we wouldn’t commission anything that would impact negatively on health.

“Productivity improvements and increased community services should result in less need for bed based services, but we are clear that any patient who needs a rehabilitation bed will have access to one as they do now.”