‘Two years of hell’: Ilford bus driver gets £15,000 compensation after botched dental surgery

Ravindra Parmar went through two years of hell as the result of botched dentail surgery. Photo: Dent

Ravindra Parmar went through two years of hell as the result of botched dentail surgery. Photo: Dental Law Partnership. - Credit: Archant

A bus driver has revealed he went through “two years of hell” and lost a tooth after a botched root canal treatment left him in constant pain.

Ravindra Parmar, of Ilford, has now won £15,000 in compensation from two Ilford dentists after what should have been a routine operations led to months of misery.

In May 2012, the 54-year-old visited his local practice because he was experiencing severe pain in one of his teeth.

It was suggested he had a root canal treatment to resolve the problem, but the pain continued.

“There just wasn’t any difference,” Mr Parmar said. “If anything I was in more pain. I couldn’t understand it because I’d supposedly had treatment.”

In November, a crown was fitted on the tooth, but Mr Parmar still complained about the pain and was given antibiotics.

In 2013 he began using a different dentist.

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After several appointments he was advised to have a new crown fitted, while other treatments were undertaken on the adjacent tooth.

“Despite all the treatment the pain just didn’t stop,” said Mr Parmar. “It was never ending. I had headaches, facial swelling and couldn’t sleep.”

Eventually, the problem tooth had to be extracted entirely and Mr Parmar contacted the Dental Law Partnership.

Analysis of Mr Parmar’s dental records revealed that his initial root canal treatment was not performed correctly.

They also showed Mr Parmar’s second dentist had undertaken restorative work on the adjacent tooth for no clinical reason – which resulted in irreversible damage to a different tooth.

“It is unbelievable that two dentists are responsible for this,” Mr Parmar said.

“You trust them as experts but they didn’t give me the right treatment.

“When I complained about the pain they still couldn’t identify what was wrong, despite it being clearly visible on X-rays.

“I suffered two years of hell and still have a tooth missing because of them.”

Mr Parmar now requires additional restorative work and root canal treatment.

The Dental Law Partnership took on Mr Parmar’s case in October 2015 and in November 2016 both dentists paid £15,000 in an out of court settlement.

Both dentists deny liability.