Swing style fitness class featured on BBC Dragons’ Den debuts in South Woodford

Swing Train class in action. Picture: Swing Patrol

Swing Train class in action. Picture: Swing Patrol - Credit: Archant

An innovative style of cardio fitness featured on BBC Two’s Dragon’ Den made its exclusive debut in the borough last weekend.

St Anne Line Church, Grove Crescent, South Woodford became one of the first places in the UK to offer SwingTrain, a new joyful cardio workout.

Led by South Woodford dance teacher Ruth Pugh, the sessions are inspired by the vintage vibes of swing, gospel, rhythm and blues and jazz.

“The music and atmosphere is designed to be supportive and uplifting, so that participants won’t even realise they’re burning up to 500 calories an hour because they’re smiling so much,” said Ruth.

“The best thing about SwingTrain is that it’s accessible to everyone, no matter their age, fitness levels or abilities.

“We will always warmly welcome absolute beginners to fitness. All that’s required is a desire for a positive experience.”

The fitness regime was developed by Scott Cupit who secured investment on the show in 2014.

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He won £65,000 from Deborah Meaden for a 20 per cent stake in his company, Swing Patrol.

Scott got the buzz for retro 1920s American dance styles enroute from Australia to see his parents, who in 1997 lived in the states.

During a 24-hour layover, he visited Disneyland where he saw the lindy hop for the first time and became hooked.

He said: “Ruth is a truly talented and very friendly fitness instructor with a passion for building a local community of SwingTrainees and motivating them to achieve their fitness goals.”

The classes, infusing the styles of the charleston, lindy hop and shag will take place every Saturday at noon and cost £7.

To book a class visit swingtrain.com