Staff at Ilford care home ‘relieved’ at news of closure

Ryedale care home in Ilford

Ryedale care home in Ilford - Credit: Archant

A former employee at a closing care home has claimed the institution’s closure will come as a relief to members of staff.

The Ryedale Care Centre, in Roman Road, Ilford, will reportedly close this year, with members of staff claiming they have already entered redundancy talks.

It is believed families of some residents now face a hectic rush to find their loved ones new accommodation before Christmas.

Earlier this month, the Recorder reported that the European Healthcare Group, which runs the home, was considering a number of options for Ryedale’s future, one of which was closure.

At the time, a company spokesman insisted that no action would be taken without a full consultation.

Now it seems a decision has been made, and not a moment too soon according to one former Ryedale care worker.

“I wasn’t surprised when I learnt Ryedale was closing,” she told the Recorder.

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“A lot of the staff there are good people, but some didn’t treat the patients with any respect.

“Where I had been before everyone was taught to answer all patients’ questions and be open and talk to them, at Ryedale sometimes you would hear patients being told to shut up or be quiet.”

The care home was last visited by the Care Quality Commission in October last year, who determined that the home required improvement in safety, effectiveness, caring and leadership.

The home’s dementia care unit was closed before Christmas last year, when the company made the decision to convert to a residential centre and stop providing more specialised care.

The former member of staff, who wished to remain anonymous but worked at the care home for nine months, said: “There was a part of me that was actually relieved when I got the letter telling me I was being let go.

“I’m relieved that it’s officially closing - finally those people will be sent to better places where they can be properly looked after.”

The European Healthcare group confirmed it plans to close Ryedale.

It claims the home is no longer financially sustainable as a result of the move from a nursing home, providing medical care, to a residential home.

Only 15 beds out of 70 are currently occupied, it said, as councils are more focussed on nursing placements.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are close to finalising consultation with the home’s work force and are working with the local authorities with regard to the transferring the residents to alternative homes.”

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