Snaresbrook dad on course to quit smoking after three open heart surgeries

A Snaresbrook single dad who has had three open heart surgeries is well on course to quit smoking for good.

As reported in the Recorder, Daniel Pittal, 36, of Audley Court, smoked what he hopes is his last cigarette on No Smoking Day on March 14.

Speaking more than three weeks later, the devoted dad of a two-year-old daughter, Madison, had not touched a cigarette despite giving up a 20-a-day habit.

Daniel, who has a heart condition which led to operations to fit valves in his aorta, was advised to quit smoking by doctors and supports the British Heart Foundation’s Take The Leap campaign.

He is also backing the Recorder in our support for the Deborah Hutton Campaign which aims to discourage young people from smoking.

In fact, he can cite some good reasons not to smoke.

He said: “I haven’t missed going outside for a fag and I’ve been going out more with my daughter because financially we’re better off.”

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Deborah Hutton, a mother-of-four and successful journalist who worked for Vogue magazine for 25 years, smoked as a teenager and student.

Despite quitting at a young age, she died of lung cancer aged 49.


Fears for his health and the impact of smoking on his daughter prompted Daniel to embark on his quit campaign and he has received support at the Hainault Health Centre.

He said: “I have an inhalator which I carry everywhere and if I have any urges I have a puff on that.

“And as long as I keep up with the patches.

“I’m still using them, I put one on every day.

“If you get through the first month, you’ve got over the worst basically.

“If I go out and I see someone walking past smoking, the smell puts me off now.

“Normally if I saw someone smoking then I’d want to have a cigarette myself.”