Redbridge GPs call for ‘common sense’ pregnancy after controversial chemicals report

Following a controversial report warning pregnant women against food packaging, shower gels and even non-stick frying pans, Redbridge GPs are calling for “common sense”.

The report released last week by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommended that mothers-to-be reduce chemical exposure because of possible but “uncertain” risks.

Items to avoid included processed food, plastic containers, cosmetics, perfume, new cars and painkillers.

But GPs in the Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) maintain that the best practices for pregnant women are unchanged - eating healthily, not smoking and avoiding alcohol.

Chairman Dr Anil Mehta said: “Reports on pregnancy come and go all the time in the media but the central advice is really just common sense.

“Avoiding chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides is a good idea but simply stopping using any hand creams or shower gels is not the answer.”

He said pregnant woman can discuss issues with doctors and nurses in local maternity services.