Redbridge football coach releases follow-up training manual to hit bestseller

Tony Charles has been nominated for awards for his football coaching sessions. He has also been comm

Tony Charles has been nominated for awards for his football coaching sessions. He has also been commissioned to write a 2nd book on his coaching knowledge. - Credit: Archant

A Redbridge football coach has released a follow-up to his bestselling coaching manual – his sixth book in as many years.

Tony Charles, 32, released his 101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions in 2011, published by Bloomsbury, and it is currently the most popular football coaching manual on the Amazon bestsellers’ list.

Now, along with co-author Stuart Rook, he has released a second volume of coaching sessions – 101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions Volume 2 – building on his successful formula.

The book is designed for coaches of younger players.

It contains 101 new warm-ups and drills, with a linking system for each exercise enabling a coach to create an entire training session.

“With other coaching manuals you have to figure out which sessions work with each other, but we’ve done the hard work for you,” he said.

Born and raised in Redbridge, the former Beal High School pupil has been coaching since he left school and has tested all the sessions in his books on the children he coaches across the borough.

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He said: “I love coaching. Working with young people gives me an injection of enthusiasm.

“Whatever else is going on in your life, when you step out on the training field you forget it.”

The sessions in the book focus on inclusivity, a major part of Tony’s coaching ethos.

The company founded from his bedroom when he was 19, Foundation Sports, grew rapidly to around 70 staff, and it now provides over 300 training sessions a week in 24 different areas across England.

“Our sessions offer children the chance to engage in a healthy lifestyle and give them access to sports in their local community.

“It’s about getting everyone involved. It’s not about elitism,” he said.

You can buy 101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions Volume 2 here

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