Redbridge doctors ask residents to help stop £40m loss through unwanted medicine

Redbridge doctors are asking residents to help stop millions of pounds of medicine being wasted every year.

The Department of Health estimates that nearly £40million is lost annually in London through unused drugs.

The Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is asking resdients to “think more carefully” about the medicines they use.

Chairman Dr Anil Mehta said: “If you have unwanted medicines at home, they need to go back to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

“Please only order medicines that you need and take your medication with you if you need to go into hospital.

“If you are a patient with a repeat prescription, think about what they are ordering and only ask for what you really need and are running out of.”

Once dispensed, drugs cannot be recycled.

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The NHS calculated that the wasted £40million would pay for 1,548 nurses or 41,039 hip replacements.