Redbridge care worker explains why others should consider caring as a career

Redbridge care worker Andleeb Bukhari (Pic: Redbridge council)

Redbridge care worker Andleeb Bukhari (Pic: Redbridge council) - Credit: Archant

Every day across the country, care workers are working tirelessly to care for some of the most vulnerable members of society – and right now, in the fight against COVID-19 we need even more of these heroes.

In our own communities across Redbridge, care workers are playing a vital role looking after some of the borough’s most vulnerable residents to make sure they remain safe and well.

They provide a crucial support system for the residents who need them and the NHS, which is why Redbridge is backing #ProudToCare, a London wide campaign aimed at recruiting more care workers across the capital.

In Redbridge, nearly 2,300 residents are being looked after through a range of care providers commissioned by the council, including homecare, nursing care, residential care and supported living.

Andleeb Bukhari has been a care worker for Redbridge for over a year through Chosen Care Group – one of the home care providers working closely with the council to deliver care and support to the elderly and adults with learning disabilities and associated health needs.

The 34-year-old has built a strong bond with the residents she is supporting, and has echoed support for the #ProudToCare campaign, saying: “Being a care worker is such a rewarding role. If you’re looking for an opportunity to help others, or are interested in working in care, now is the time to offer your help.

“I have a great relationship with those I look after, and right now they really need me. I am often the only face they see as they don’t have family, or their family are unable to visit them at the moment.

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“They are already struggling with so much, so it’s important they keep that contact with me because I don’t want them feeling alone right now.

“Being a care worker also means listening, sharing a chat and being a friend, and right now we all need a friend.

“When I make a home visit I am always in full personal protection equipment to help protect myself and the person I am supporting, so this is a role I still feel safe doing.

“Whatever the situation in the world, I believe it’s important we look out for one another, especially those who need our help the most.”

As part of the #ProudToCare campaign, Redbridge is calling on those with an interest in the care sector to apply for a range of roles that provide support to the elderly, or vulnerable within the community. Visit