‘NHS in Redbridge deserves support,’ Ilford North MP Wes Streeting tells health secretary Jeremy Hunt

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting outside the entrance of King George Hospital Picture: Geoff Wilson

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting outside the entrance of King George Hospital Picture: Geoff Wilson - Credit: Geoff Wilson

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting has claimed the government is not doing enough to support NHS services in Redbridge.

During an urgent question on NHS Funding in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Streeting criticised health secretary Jeremy Hunt for not adequately supporting the borough’s social care.

Responding to Mr Hunt’s assertion that current levels of funding were in line with NHS England’s needs, Mr Streeting said: “If things are as rosy as the secretary of state is making out, then why is the London borough of Redbridge, where I am an elected member, suffering from public health cuts?

“And in addition to that, even whilst charging the social care precept, still being unable to barely cover the costs of wage increases let alone improving the service?

“He should have been lobbying the chief secretary to the treasury this afternoon, not painting this ridiculously unjustifiable rosy picture.”

However, Mr Hunt accused Mr Streeting of not listening to his earlier address to the house.

“My statement actually said very clearly that the NHS is under unbelievable pressure,” he said, before pointing out that Labour’s raising of the minimum wage had led to the rising cost of health services across the country.

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Mr Hunt also told MPs the government is planning to spend £10bn on the NHS over the next six years - more than the £8bn they asked for over five years.

Speaking after the session, Mr Streeting claimed that the health secretary was burying his head in the sand.

He said: “Services in Redbridge are being badly affected by central government budget cuts. The council is expected to lose £100million by 2018, despite projections for the third highest population growth in the country.”

“Jeremy Hunt must do more to ensure the local NHS in Redbridge is able to meet the needs of the people it serves. NHS and care staff work hard and deserve the support they need to do their jobs well – not more rhetoric and cuts from the government”