£50k cataract machine comes to Goodmayes

Ruby with the ophthamology equipment. Picture: NEL NHS Treatment Centre

Ruby with the ophthamology equipment. Picture: NEL NHS Treatment Centre - Credit: Archant

A hi-tech £50,000 machine is coming to Redbridge to help cataract sufferers.

The North East London NHS Treatment Centre in Barley Lane, Goodmayes sees more than 200 patients each month who have cloudy vision due to the condition.

Now, thanks to an investment in new biometry and cataract diagnostic equipment, those under the care of the ophthalmology team will get the "highest possible levels of accuracy" thanks to the new machine.

Specialist nurse Ruby Ghouri, who has 20 years' experience in ophthalmology, explained: "A patient visits the centre before surgery to meet the consultant and we use the new equipment to examine the eye and measure the lens.

"This allows us to make extremely accurate calculations for the new intraocular lens.

"The new equipment also enables us, at the diagnostic stage, to better examine the patient's retina, giving us an increased opportunity to spot other potential issues so we can refer the patient for more tests."

Ruby said two to three weeks after cataract operations, patients come back for a follow-up appointment to monitor healing.

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During the session, the patient's other eye can also be assessed with the machine if required.

John O'Brien, hospital director, said cataracts can stop people enjoying life.

"Care UK has invested in the equipment to ensure our clinicians have the very latest diagnostic tools available to them when they are assessing patients," he said

"This leads to highly effective surgery and the best possible outcome for our NHS patients.

"Cataracts drain the colour from life.

"As well as leaving patients with blurred and faded vision, they take away people's ability to drive and they stop people enjoying hobbies, such as reading and knitting.

"The good news is, with our short waiting times, patients can soon be back doing the things they love and the things they need to do."

A cataract is when the lens, a small transparent disc inside the eye, develops cloudy patches.

Over time the spot increase in size causing misty and blurry vision which can eventually lead to blindness.

For more information visit nhs.uk/conditions/cataracts or call the North East London NHS Treatment Centre on 0333 321 1914