Mice, mess and muck: Hygiene horrors found at Redbridge food outlets revealed

Mice infestations, dirt and out-of-date food are among the hygiene horrors found at Redbridge restaurants and shops.

A freedom of information request revealed that some of the outlets are serving food despite being given the lowest possible hygiene rating by safety officials.

A restaurant, takeaway and off licence are all still open with a score of 0, meaning urgent improvement is necessary.

The Food Standards Agency’s rating scheme is used to judge every food outlet in the borough for hygiene, safety, cleanliness, facilities, management and pest control.

Most restaurants, takeaways and shops in Redbridge were rated “very good” with a five-star rating and hundreds more were labelled “good” or “satisfactory”.

But dozens were told major or urgent improvement was needed for safety.

Food and Wine, in Green Lane, Goodmayes, was closed in November after inspectors discovered a mouse infestation.

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The off licence reopened two weeks later when the rodent problem was cleared but the rating was not changed.

A report said: “The last spot check was made on December 29, at which point the premises showed that the improvements had been sustained.

“Because there is no ‘open’ food on offer at these premises, the risk to health is considered less.”

Mahaan Cuisine, in Ley Street, Ilford, was closed for six days in March after a planned inspection.

The report said: “The issues concerned refuse storage and disposal, inadequate provision for pest control, no documented management controls.”

Manager Naguleswary Sivalognathan said the restaurant has since made the required improvements.

She added: “We clean everything every day and wash our things. Everything is ok now.”

Outlets are only shut down if they are considered an “imminent risk to health” meaning they can still serve food with a 0 rating.

Chicken Hut, in Cranbrook Road, Ilford, was given the lowest score in February but only left with a list of urgent improvements and recommendations.

The report said “significant improvements” have been made in cleaning and equipment.

The Recorder could not reach Chicken Hut and Food and Wine for comment.