Lung cancer warning for Redbridge residents after disease claims nearly 100 lives in a year

Redbridge doctors are warning residents to be aware of the signs of lung cancer after nearly 100 people died in a year from the disease.

The Redbridge Clinical Commmissioning Group (CCG) is urging people to go to see their GP if they have had a cough for three weeks or more.

It is a potential symptom of lung cancer, which is the biggest cancer killer in the UK, causing around 28,000 deaths a year.

The most recent figures show that in 2010, 96 people died of the diease in Redbridge and 97 cases were registered in the borough. Most sufferers were men.

Dr Anil Mehta, chairman of Redbridge CCG, said: “Spotting diseases such as lung cancer early is where we start making a difference and helping more people survive.

“Make yourself aware of the signs and if you have the symptoms go and see a GP sooner rather than later.”