Italian doctors visit Goodmayes Hospital in tour of English healthcare

A group of Italian doctors visited Goodmayes Hospital on Tuesday on a tour of healthcare facilities in England.

The visitors from Coop Lilium in Abruzzo, learnt about services and were shown around the psychiatric intensive care unit in Barley Lane.

The group provides intensive residential programmes for adolescents suffering from severe mental health problems and mental disability in communities in Abruzzo.

North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) staff Prosper Mafu, modern matron, and Bill Todd, ward manager showed the doctors around Sunflowers Court.

Prosper Mafu spoke to the doctors through an interpreter about the services provided, including in-patient treatment for a range of mental health problems, community mental health services and how patients are involved in their care.

The group were then shown around the psychiatric intensive care unit, which included a question and answer session with some of the staff and service users.

Dominque Quattrocchi, director of Coop Lilium, said he visit to NELFT was great to see how mental health services are provided in a different country.