Ilford woman overcomes personal battles to start own psychotherapy business

An Ilford woman has started her own psychotherapy business after growing up with her sister’s condition and her own battle with depression.

Jayne-Emma Easlea, 25, is offering online and telephone counselling, therapy and massage with JHP Therapies.

She said her sister Thelma, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was the reason she went into mental health nursing.

The family lived in Belgrave Road but Jayne has recently moved to Loughton.

She was previously a mental health nurse in hospitals all over London.

She said: “Although I enjoyed it I didn’t feel I was making the difference I wanted to make. I wanted to do more.

“My depression got worse so I had to come out of work and once I did that it was hard to go back.”

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Jayne did a diploma in psychotherapy to add to her mental health nursing qualification and decided to go it alone.

She has also written a horror book called Crucifix which is due to be published later this year.

Jayne said: “The book covers sensitive topics such as grief, kidnapping, murder and rape so it will be a good way for my therapy and my novel to work hand in hand.”

JHP Therapies offers counselling for trauma, phobias, addictions and other conditions.

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