Ilford woman celebrates Weight Watchers success

Sheena Pall, before and after her weight loss

Sheena Pall, before and after her weight loss - Credit:

A woman from Ilford is a fraction of her former self — and she could not be happier.

Sheena Pall, who has rheumatoid arthritis, decided to take action after she found that she was suffering with pain in her feet and ankle and struggling to walk.

After deciding that enough was enough, Sheena decided to make a change, and joined her nearest Weight Watchers group.

Now she is celebrating after losing four and a half stone, leading to her not getting recognised by a friend in the park.

Sheena said: “That has got to be my best kind of compliment, for someone to have that kind of reaction, that I am not completely unrecognisable is great!

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“What a confidence boost!”

She added: I am still able to eat the foods I love and stay within my points allowance.

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“My food habits have changed a lot and I enjoy a treat now and then still.”

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