Ilford North MP takes on #LemonFaceChallenge for Woodford Green eight-year-old with incurable brain tumour

Kaleigh Lau. Picture: Scott Lau

Kaleigh Lau. Picture: Scott Lau - Credit: Scott Lau

A Woodford Green mum and dad are urging the community to take on the #LemonFaceChallenge to raise awareness of an incurable brain tumour that has affected their daughter.

Eight-year-old Kaleigh Lau, of Snakes Lane East, has battled Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) for more than two years.

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting has taken on the #LemonFaceChallenge in support of Kaleigh, a trend kick-started by Aubrey Nicholas - an 11-year-old DIPG-sufferer from America.

In a video posted on his Twitter, he said: “I hope that the #LemonFaceChallenge will help raise awareness of DIPG and help put pressure on government to fund more research into DIPG so that [it] is no longer a death sentence for children who are diagnosed.”

He goes on to grimace as he bites a chunk from a segment of lemon and nominates his fellow MPs Alison McGovern, Jess Phillips, Ian Murray, Frank Field and Royston Smith to do the same.

Kaleigh was diagnosed with DIPG in April 2016, after she began to suffer double vision; unbalanced walking and her left hand became very weak.

In 2017, she started travelling to Mexico every month with her family, to try and find a way of halting the tumour through a pioneering treatment.

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But her most recent trip had to be postponed when the Kaleigh fell into a coma last week, her doctor warning that she may pass away at the weekend.

She is now showing more encouraging signs, able to breathe without equipment and move her legs a little bit.

But, after considering all options, parents Scott and Yang Lau have decided not to resuscitate her should her condition deteriorate.

“She is in a comfortable position and she is pain free,” Scott Lau, Kaleigh’s dad, said: “We don’t want to do anything to aggravate that.

“We just want her to come out of it herself, rather than prod her with more medical equipment.”

Commenting on the support they have received, he added: “It just means so much to us.

“I wish people realise how important this challenge is to raise awareness.”

Mr Streeting is asking local residents to help Kaleigh either online via the Bradley Lowery Foundation or by text message by typing DIPG53, followed by the amount (e.g £5, £10 etc) to 70070