Heroic Ilford firefighters donate iPads to sick children for Christmas

Ilford Blue Watch firefighters donate to firefighters charity

Ilford Blue Watch firefighters have donated thousands of pounds to King George Hospital and the Fire Fighter's Charity - Credit: Ilford Blue Watch

Ilford Blue Watch firefighters have donated two new iPads to children at King George Hospital ahead of Christmas

The crews donate £500 worth of toys each Christmas to the children's emergency department, which are used to help distract patients as they undergo treatment.

This year, it was decided that the tablets would be easier to wipe clean after each use so as to help stop the spread of Covid-19, the brigade said.

Ilford Blue Watch and King George Hospital staff

Ilford Blue Watch firefighters presented King George Hospital staff with two new iPads for ill children - Credit: Ilford Blue Watch

Ilford Blue Watch raised money through collections in Ilford town centre and also through sponsorship.

As well as the iPads, this year the team donated £1,000 to the Fire Fighter's Charity. 

Firefighters Ally Warnock, Casey Moroney and sub officer Jim Jobson completed the final leg of their 2,500 mile sponsored cycle around the perimeter of England earlier in the year - in total, they raised around £20,000.