What can you do to get rid of moths and bedbugs in your house?

Inoculand Pest Control services in London use heat treatment on fabrics and furniture.

Heat treatment pest control takes less than a day to complete, meaning you and your family can rest easy and enjoy your home once more. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Have you noticed holes appearing in your clothes, or woke up feeling itchy and bitten in the morning? Then you may have a pest problem in your home.

Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control Services in London, assures homeowners not to worry and below shares how heat treatment can sort your pest problem and give you peace of mind.

Q: Why use heat treatment to get rid of your pest infestation?

A: It removes up to 95 – 100 per cent of the infestation almost instantly, and is the only method capable of killing moths and bedbugs at any stage of development, from eggs to larvae and adults.   

You can use it to treat your mattress, clothes, furniture and belongings. Heat treatment penetrates deep into your carpet, under floorboards and hard to reach areas of your home to ensure every pest is removed.

It’s also convenient and cost-effective. Heat treatment can prevent you from needing to dry clean all your clothes, spend money on costly repairs and ensure your family’s lives can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Q: How does it work?

A: We use propane heaters to raise the temperature of your home to over 60 degrees. The dry heat penetrates your fabrics, linens and furniture to kill the pests. We set the heaters up in your hallway or spare room to blast heat into all infected areas of the house.

We bring all the relevant equipment, and it’s quick and easy to set up. To ensure your clothes are properly treated, we also bring our own drying rack to hang them on. This allows us to treat large quantities of clothes and double-check that they reach the optimum temperature to kill any moths and bedbugs.

Q: Can heat treatment be used in all areas of the home?

Inoculand Pest Control Services in London use heat treatment on beds and linens.

A good night's sleep is vital for good mental and physical wellbeing - heat treatment services can ensure your bed is clean and that no pests disturb your rest. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A: It can treat most areas of the house, besides your kitchen or bathroom, as it could damage your appliances and ceramic goods. Instead, we’ll use steam or chemical treatments in this part of your house.

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We can use an insulating partition or tent to protect your open-plan kitchen and in homes where the presence of a naked flame is a concern, we use GreenTech electric heat treatment option, to keep your house and belongings are safe. 

Heat treatment is also the only method that can treat untenanted properties, like warehouses, vacant apartments or storage facilities. We can also use it in offices, large commercial spaces and business premises.

Q: I have young children and pets, is heat treatment safe to use around them?

A: Absolutely. It’s pesticide-free, organic and eco-friendly. I recommend using heat treatment if you have young infants, pets and elderly relatives living at home, are allergic to chemicals allergies or if you’re pregnant.

Q: How long does treatment take?

Inoculand Pest Control Services in London use heat treatment to get rid of bedbugs and moths.

Heat treatment is the recommended pest control method to use against bedbugs and moths. - Credit: Inoculand Pest Control Services

A: Treatment takes less than a day to carry out, meaning minimal disruption to you and your family. You can remain in rooms of the home that aren’t being treated as we carry the process out, though will need to stay out of treated rooms for up to four hours once treatment is complete.

Q: How can you ensure all pests are removed?

A: We’ll visit your home two weeks after our initial visit to ensure the infestation won’t return and will use the Cimex eradicator steamer, that reaches temperatures up to 180 degrees, and can be used on any surface and fabric, to ensure no pests are left behind.

Q: How much does heat treatment cost?

A: This will depend on the size of your home and the type of accommodation you live in. You can call us or visit our website for a free quote. We’ll ask a few questions to get to know you better, estimate the size and severity of your infestation and recommend the treatment that’s best for you.

Our company has extensive experience in pest control services and specialises in helping homeowners, tenants, businesses and landlords throughout London to solve their pest problem.

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