Disabled Ilford girl, 10, could not wash for days because housing association did not install shower

Kathleen Wright in the wet room without a shower with children Ashton aged 9 and Aaleigha 10

Kathleen Wright in the wet room without a shower with children Ashton aged 9 and Aaleigha 10 - Credit: Archant

A disabled 10-year-old girl who underwent hip surgery has been unable to shower for almost a week because her housing association has not installed the equipment she needs.

Aaleigha Wright has had to wash in the downstairs sink of her home in St Francis Way, Ilford, since Sunday evening, January 13.

On Monday she had surgery to correct a deformity in her leg which has rendered her unable to walk up the stairs of her home to use the shower.

Their home has a wet room on the ground floor but no working shower has been fitted in it.

“I feel like we’ve been treated very badly and quite disrespected,” said mum Kathleen, 34.

“She feels dirty because she cannot wash except for in the sink.

“And my daughter is one of those girls that showers or baths morning and night.”

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Kathleen and her two children moved into the property in August last year

Since November, Kathleen has been asking housing association L&Q to install a downstairs shower.

“When I asked them they told me I would need to get an occupational therapist to do an assessment - which I did,” she said.

Documents seen by the Recorder confirm that an assessment was conducted by an occupational therapist from the North East London Foundation Trust (Nelft) on November 19.

It recommends the installation of “an electric shower and wall-mounted shower seat in the downstairs walk-in shower room”.

But weeks later, after repeated chasing, nothing had been done.

When Kathleen chased L&Q she said was told “they never received the report”.

An L&Q spokeswoman told the Recorder: “We are very sorry for the delay that has occurred in providing new shower facilities in Ms Wright’s home. “We want to assure Ms Wright that we are arranging an emergency adaptation and will be offering compensation for the inconvenience and distress caused.”

Kathleen confirmed that she had been emailed by L&Q to say that contractors would be in touch to install the showers.

But she added that, as of publication, no contractors have yet been in touch to confirm when this will happen nor has she received any offers of compensation yet.