Disability group calls for crisis talks as watchdog finds ‘low’ standards of care for children

A forum for parents of disabled children is calling for a crisis meeting with borough health authorities after a report revealed Redbridge Children’s Trust is not reaching essential standards.

Interface, in Ilford Lane, Ilford, claims to have been sending warnings for the past four years that children’s services were unacceptably low.

But a report published last month shows that NHS Redbridge – which employs almost all health staff working for the Trust – was not compliant in a number of areas, including ensuring safe and appropriate care.

Additionally, requirements ensuring protection from abuse were not met, and concerns were raised a number of times over staff levels.

The Care Quality Commission report comes as no surprise to Interface founding member Mary Busk, who believes children’s and disabled children’s access to health is not “equitable” with other patient groups.

She said : “The PCT (Primary Care Trust) did not take necessary and appropriate action when we were telling them. The fact that a CQC report finds basic standards of care are not being met in all areas shows how systemic and deep rooted the problems are.

“There is no accountability or effective management of clinical needs for children and disabled children in that organisation.”

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The forum is now calling on MPs in Redbridge to ensure these issues are effectively dealt with in a way that will demonstrate lasting change.

A spokesman for NHS North East London and the City confirmed they are taking the findings “very seriously” and have begun to look at requested improvements.

He said: “Most of the concerns identified are minor ones – which means people are safe and are not at risk – but we accept that some of our community healthcare services are not at the level they should be.

“We are now finalising an action plan to make the necessary changes to monitoring, training and governance as requested in the report.”