Day Three: Why I achieved nothing yesterday

Yesterday I lost the joy. Not in an apathetic way, but in a close-to-tears-I-can’t-do-this-anymore type of way.

I must admit I never realised what an emotional rollercoaster giving up smoking was going to be and my respect for former smokers has shot up.

When my boss originally suggested it as a one month blog series I thought it would be a vaguely interesting experience and not something that would make me re-evaluate every poor decision I’ve ever made in my life.

For all those people who say addictions are in your head, well quite frankly, you’re idiots. I felt awful, couldn’t concentrate, had no energy or enthusiasm for anything and just wanted to get back in bed and pretend this wasn’t happening.

While I was walking home in the rain (my car’s still in the garage) feeling sorry for myself I decided to start on the book my epic colleague Alistair had given me.

It’s enigmatically called Stop Smoking and if you’ve ever tried to give up you’ve probably read it as well.

It mainly consists of Alan Carr telling you that you’re not a jellyfish (something I knew already) and then going on about how much fan mail he’s got from readers. This allegedly includes people telling him he should be knighted, elevated to sainthood and, my personal favourite, that he should be prime minister.

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Just for the record Alan, I don’t agree.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’ve not finished it so I may yet change my mind and develop confidence in you leading 62 million people towards a brighter future, but I doubt it.

Most of my resistance stems from a hatred of people WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS all the time, it frightens me and makes me think you’re a little unbalanced.

In other news, my right-hand-woman Lizzie’s got a yoyo she’s bringing in for me tomorrow and I’ve just bought an ‘electronic’ cigarette.

I’ll let you know how that disaster-waiting-to-happen turns out.

This is the third entry in reporter Amanda Nunn’s blog on giving up smoking. If you’re also giving up, or have any tips, send her and email at