Day one: Reporter Amanda Nunn muses on uncontrollable rage and lollipops

Before I frighten any of you off from contacting me – I am generally not an angry person.

Giving up smoking yesterday however, seemed to transform me into a jaw-clenching, pen tapping and anxiety ridden volcano.

The rage started in the morning as I turned the key to my usually reliable car.

After a loud bang, plumes of smoke started billowing from the bonnet which made an industrial plant look environmentally friendly.

When I finally made it into work, noting that my colleagues were avoiding making eye contact with me, I read an email complaining about an article I’d written the previous week saying I’d got a fact wrong.

This raised my annoyance to DEFCON 4 because, as I could prove from an email I’d kept, they’d sent me the wrong information in the first place.

Then the rage started to spill out in unreasonable, and sometimes humorous, ways.

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The first was complaining about the bag not being left long enough in the tea my editor had kindly made me (not smart), then banging the computer mouse when a story wouldn’t go online (doesn’t help) and finally to actually growling at someone on the phone (just plain weird).

After lunch the anxiety set in and I bought myself a lollipop and sat eating it at my desk like a terrified six-year-old.

After a couple of hours, completely out of nowhere, the anxiety lifted and I felt completely fine.

From talking to other people that have stopped smoking the first three days are the most difficult but I must admit I did feel a slight sense of achievement having got though the first day relatively unscathed.