Day Four: The woman in reception, a paper aeroplane and the washing up

The receptionist called me yesterday at about 5.30pm to say there was a woman in a karate outfit holding a tub of lollipops.

We sometimes get unusual people in reception, we like it when people come in, it breaks up the day and it’s interesting meeting people who read the paper.

This woman, who I speak to on a regular basis in a work capacity, was on her way to a lesson and not just milling around Ilford town centre like a superhero wannabe.

Anyway, the entire newsdesk has now been eating lollipops so things got a bit hyper.

My colleague who was meant to bring in the yoyo forgot which made me feel sad and unappreciated and they didn’t sell them in any of the pound shops which are dotted around Ilford.

Clearly I’m not in fashion. I had a look at the calendar the good people at Stoptober sent me and is said to make a paper aeroplane with the instructions helpfully printed out for me.

But you had to fold the paper (and therefore the instructions) which meant I kept making a bit, having to unfold it again to read the instructions, then do it over again.

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This was meant to be fun and distracting, not one of those impossible mind game puzzles that only people who wear cardigans can solve.

They also told me I should go for a walk (what around my desk?), do the hovering (my colleagues would beat me) or the washing up (erm, no).

I cannot believe they’re the best distraction methods they could have come up with. If you’ve got any sensible ones please let me know.

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