Day five: The most brilliant email I’ve every received and the cyborg cigarette

I got to work on Friday morning and had one of the most brilliant emails I think I’ve ever received.

A woman, who will remain nameless, told me about her own experiences of the rage caused by giving up smoking.

It was the first time this week I felt pleased that my car had broken down as I think the combination of nicotine deprivation and my poor special awareness would have resulted in a hideous pile up somewhere.

So, this woman was merrily driving along when a bloke in a flashy car cut her up on the roundabout, in response most of us sigh heavily and shake our head disapprovingly.

But, she’d just given up smoking and her nicotine heightened spider-senses saw Mr Flashy pull over, get out his car to go into one of the shops.

On any normal day you suck it up and let it go, this woman however was not in the mood.

She pulled up beside him and when he didn’t show any signs of remorse, she let him have it, using I must say, some pretty fruity language.

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People of Redbridge please take care when driving during Stoptober as you never know when we’re going to snap.

Speaking of annoying things, I had my first electronic cigarette which creepily plugs into the USB port on my laptop.

It was donated to my by my housemate/cousin who I think was getting frightened of me returning home in another ‘mood’.

I thought it would answer all my problems as it even makes a little burning noise when you inhale.

But, it’s rubbish.

I like the fact it somehow produces smoke but why o why when they were creating it did they decided to make it taste sweet?

This is pure silliness and clearly it was designed by someone who has never smoked before.

Cigarettes taste nice to us, we like the dirty ash taste. I’m giving the cyborg-cig a 3/10 and think I’ll give the patches a go next week.

This is the fifth entry in reporter Amanda Nunn’s blog on giving up smoking. If you’re also giving up, or have any tips, send her and email at