Day eight: The worm has turned

I feel I owe you a bit of an apology. It could be argued that I was a little emotional last week.

In fact, my mood seemed to go up and down faster than a pneumatic drill. I think it’s the first week I’ve had at the Ilford Recorder where I have failed to laugh and generally didn’t have a good time.

Although listening to my colleague Lizzie’s insightful comments while making enquiries about a situation involving a car and a tree did make me come perilously close.

Somewhere along the line my positivity returned and I actually discovered some good things (ok, one thing) about not smoking.

In the morning when I drive into work I don’t have to have the window open while I have my first cigarette of the day.

This is fantastic especially now that the weather’s focusing on being autumnal and it can be cold and rainy in the mornings.

No longer do I have rain lashing against my face through the open window feeling like I’m battling though a monsoon to get into Ilford.

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I know the health benefits should be enough for be to stay optimistic about giving up but it just doesn’t.

I try and remind myself about it but it’s useless.

Maybe it’s because not everyone that smokes gets cancer and like the lottery you secretly believe you’ll be the exception despite overwhelming odds against you.

Either way I’m hoping for a more pleasant week which doesn’t end with me having to buy a huge bag of guilt sweets for my colleagues.

This is the sixth entry in reporter Amanda Nunn’s blog on giving up smoking. If you’re also giving up let her know how you’re getting on at