Day 15: No smoke without fire (I cheated)

Journalists are a competitive sort, naturally we pretend not to be but deep down we are.

With this in mind, imagine my glee when I returned from holiday yesterday to discover that one of my colleagues (who also gave up for Stoptober) had caved into temptation.

What proceeded was not gracious – I did a minor victory dance around the office.

I’m the first to admit that the two weeks so far have been incredibly difficult and, if I’m honest, I didn’t think they would be.

It actually surprised and frightened me how addicted I was to smoking.

With addictions you do believe you can give up at any time and that you’re not really addicted it’s just something you like to do.

Well I’m no longer under that particular misapprehension.

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Although, while I’m gloating about my moral prowess, I do have a minor confession to make.

While I was on holiday I had a weird Scandinavian thing called snus. It’s tobacco in a teabag-esque thing which sits in between your teeth and gums.

On my first morning back sitting around in the circle of our daily news meeting I told my colleagues feeling like the kid that smashed the greenhouse with a football.

Whether they were feeling benevolent, or it was just too early in the week to care, they said it didn’t count which means they’re in for an entire week of me being smug.

This is the latest entry in reporter Amanda Nunn’s blog on giving up smoking. If you’re giving up for Stoptober how have your first two smoke free weeks gone? Let her know at