Bexley cosmetic clinic insists surgery must come with lifestyle change

L-R: Natalie Fraser, Emma Caston, Dr Lisa Delamaine, Georgie Parker and Gemma Knight

L-R: Natalie Fraser, Emma Caston, Dr Lisa Delamaine, Georgie Parker and Gemma Knight - Credit: Archant

Lisa Delamaine certainly pulls no punches when confronting the topic of obesity in this country head on.

Lisa Delamaine with a patient at Persona Medical in Bexley

Lisa Delamaine with a patient at Persona Medical in Bexley - Credit: Archant

“I would like to be able to help,” the 45-year-old said. “In most cases the patients need to be able to help themselves.

“I think for one reason or another it is an individual thing. Obesity can vary from food addiction to lack of education.

Dr Delamaine, 45, runs Persona Cosmetic Medicine clinic, Stable Lane, in Bexley, helping patients overcome issues of confidence and self-esteem with their bodies.

Despite working in an industry where she sees people’s bodies every day, she admits she was shocked by this month’s news that experts predict more than 50 per cent of the population are likely to be classed as obese by 2050.

Dr Delamaine said: “When I heard about the news I was quite shocked, perhaps this is down is down to the people I see in this practice.”

The Bexley clinic offers “non-surgical minimally invasive” treatment. To me and you, that means no cutting.

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Not that it stops prospective patients asking the question about liposuction, in a bid to beat the fat.

“Do not get me wrong, we do get asked that type of question,” Dr Delamaine said. “However we always tell them to lose weight first.

“There is the surgical route, or the lifestyle change. I do not treat patients like that.

“You need to go and lose weight – it is the blatant truth.

“Unless they undergo a lifestyle change they are not going to get the outcome they want.”

The clinic is a medical aesthetic and laser clinic was established by Lisa in 2002.

The treatments offered include laser therapy on stubborn areas of unwanted fat on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise - but Dr Delamaine is keen to point out that it is not a ‘quick fix to treat obesity’.

The clinic offers laser lipo which causes the fat cells to sweat thus reducing them in size for immediate inch loss.

However, Dr Delamaine agrees with experts that this treatment cannot be used to drastically induce weight loss.

A good diet and exercise are still recommended after treatment has finished.

“Our treatments are all about boosting self-esteem and confidence,” Dr Delamaine added. “We do have people coming in for treatment who are afraid to go out of their house.

“I absolutely love my job. We are improving and refreshing the way people live.”

Dr Delamaine said her work ultimately gives her patients the confidence to lead the lives they want to lead.

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