‘Halal’ singles lunch for Muslims to take place in Ilford

A Muslim couple on their wedding day. Picture: Azlan DuPree/Flickr

A Muslim couple on their wedding day. Picture: Azlan DuPree/Flickr - Credit: Archant

Halal singles events are changing the way Muslims find love in a world dominated by online dating, according to one matchmaker.

Matchmaker Mo Hussain, 39, from Birmingham

Matchmaker Mo Hussain, 39, from Birmingham - Credit: Archant

Mo Hussain, 39, from Birmingham, who runs networking events around country with his wife, is set to stop off in Ilford on Sunday.

The marriage broker, who says it is all about letting people “let their hair down”, will be hosting the afternoon at restaurant Al-Qasr, Ley Street.

The format is similar to conventional speed-dating but consists of three men and three women to a table, with the groups having 10 minutes to make an impression before the men move to different tables.

It is then followed by a three-course lunch and the chance to arrange a one-to-one chat with a possible match.

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“Back in the day, when my mum and dad got married, the in-laws would get together and decide, but now in 2016 it doesn’t work like that anymore,” said Mo.

“You’d rather let your child pick who they marry themselves – people’s attitudes are changing.”

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The matchmaker says the events are as “Islamic as possible”, with family members and chaperones allowed to accompany those looking for love.

Mo, who has got 39 couples successfully hitched, said: “There can be a stigma attached to it but you have to see it for yourself – it’s all halal and it’s definitely the future of Muslim marriages.”

He added: “There’s no criteria apart from that it’s open to anyone that’s single and Muslim – divorced or not.”

The organiser, who has eight years of experience, said dating apps and matrimonial websites targeted at the Muslim community were not a safe or reliable way of finding a soulmate.

“Finding someone face to face is better because you’re not talking to someone from behind a brick wall – online you don’t know if they’re married and messing around.

“I have heard of girls talking to guys and they find out they’re already married. This is safer, at least you can see if they’re lying when it’s face to face.”

The event takes place from 11.30am till 4.30pm and tickets cost £35.

Visit muslimmarriageevents.info for more details.

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