Hainault gran thanks refuse crew after brolly mishap

A GRANDMA has thanked a crew of caring street cleaners who came to her rescue after a freak umbrella accident.

Rose Martin, of Manford Cross, Hainault, was in New North Road, Hainault, with her grandson Charlie Catterick, three, when a strong gust of wind blew her umbrella back in her face, cutting her head.

A caring refuse crew working in the area saw the accident and rushed to her aid. Rose said she was overwhelmed by their kindness, while people walked past and cars drove on.

“I couldn’t see because of the rain and the blood was washing all down my face.

“My main concern was getting Charlie safe and I didn’t want him to see the blood.

“Street cleaners get an awful lot of criticism which is why I was so eager to thank these men.

“If only more people were like that in this day and age.”

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By having her head bandaged by the crew, she avoided going to hospital, and was on the road to recovery by that evening.

Her daughter, Rachael Martin said: “These men went above the call of duty to look after my son and my mum, so often people just look down and continue with what they are doing.

“I was gutted we didn’t get their phone number to say thanks properly.”

But The Recorder traced the four crew members, and spoke to them about the accident.

Dean Dias, one of the crew said: “When I first looked up I thought she had dyed red hair, it looked really serious.

“We stopped what we were doing and went straight to help her.

“We had a first aid box on the truck so we bandaged her and sat her down.

“We also took her grandson out of his buggy and put him in the van to keep him safe. We only did what anyone else would do, but it’s nice to get some recognition for it!”

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