Grass fire warnings in Redbridge

Hainualt firefighter gives advice after a number of grass fires in Redbridge.

Hainualt firefighter gives advice after a number of grass fires in Redbridge. - Credit: sub

Firefighters have put out a warning about barbecues and leaving discarded bottles in parks after a number of grass fires in Redbridge over the weekend.

On Friday afternoon Ilford and Hainault crews joined firefighters and officers at a blaze in Wanstead Flats.

It saw an area of grass, firs and gorse – measuring nine hectares and the equivalent of nine football pitches – alight off Whipps Cross Road, in Leytonstone, at about 1.30pm.

Crews were called from Stratford, Walthamstow, Leyton, Homerton and Chingford.

On Saturday night at about 9.30pm crews were called to two sheds alight in Woodford Green.

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The blaze in two gardens in Waltham Road was “fairly significant” said Hainault firefighter Neil Herbert.

There were no injuries, but he added: “A resident said she saw a group of boys setting fireworks off nearby five minutes ago. We don’t know yet if the fire was suspicious or not.”

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On Sunday morning, at about 9.30am, Hainault firefighters attended a dry grass fire that set logs alight in Claybury Park, Clayhall.

Neil Herbert added: “With dry conditions over the weekend. If people are out and about in park areas, make sure if you are smoking a cigarette to properly extinguish it.

“If you have portable barbecues, take them with you. And if you have bottled drinks, dispose of them correctly, as broken glass can work like a magnifying glass and cause fire.”

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