Grass fire warning after barbecues cause blazes in Woodford Green

Two fires were started by smouldering barbecues on Sunday, prompting a warning from firefighters to properly dispose of hot coals.

One blaze started on the course at Woodford Golf Club, in Sunset Avenue, Woodford Green, and the other was near the Orchard Estate, Broadmead Road, Woodford Green. No one was injured.

A spokesman from Woodford Fire Station urged people to use water or earth to properly extinguish coals.

The London Fire Brigade’s head of operations, prevention and response, Dave Brown, said: “Grass fires can cause a great deal of damage to open spaces and wildlife, and can be avoided by making sure that cigarettes and barbecues are extinguished properly, and that glass bottles are disposed of carefully.”

Dry grass can also be set alight by discarded cigarettes, matches or even glass bottles that can concentrate the sun’s rays.

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