Got mango panic? 102-year-old marathon runner Fauja Singh‘s guide to Ilford Lane’s mangos

Hitender Gusan

Hitender Gusan - Credit: Archant

Anyone venturing down Ilford Lane on the hunt for a juicy mango could be forgiven for falling into a mango-induced panic at the sheer variety on offer.

Hitender Gusan

Hitender Gusan - Credit: Archant

Boxes of yellow, green and even red mangos line the streets as the season gets into full swing.

To help you out on such an important issue, the Ilford Recorder asked 102-year-old marathon man Fauja Singh for his opinion on which is the best mango in Ilford.

First up in the blind taste test was the Indian Langra.

Goodmayes’ Mr Singh said: “It was juicy and a nice colour. They juices were flowing and it was smooth. It tastes much better than the colour suggested.”

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Next up was the Chansa from Pakistan.

“It’s nice but it’s not as good as the first one,” he said. “It’s not as sweet and is a bit tangy and doesn’t have the same flowing juices.”

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The only real contender to the Langra is the Chansa which is also from India.

Mr Singh said: “It’s not quite as sweet but other than that I can’t really tell the difference.”

Failing to make the mighty mango grade is the Mulaan from Pakistan which is not as “sweet or smooth” as the others.

Coming in last, is the attractive but dry Tota Dary from Brazil.

“This is the worse as it’s almost dry by comparison,” Mr Singh said. “It’s almost tasteless. It didn’t live up to my expectations from what it looks like.”

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