Goodmayes Park gets a funding boost for new schemes

Two park schemes have been funded thanks to the remaining committee budget, which will see an art project and visitor information added in Goodmayes.

Area committee five agreed to spend �3,116 in Goodmayes Park, Aberdour Road, to introduce a woodland information board and markers to enhance visitor enjoyment by sharing the history and types of trees that can be seen around the area.

Money was also granted for an art project, at a cost of �204, for the art department and students from Mayfield School, Pedley Road, Goodmayes, to create a series of mosaics to clad the turnkey situated close to the park’s lake.

Cllr Stuart Bellwood said: “Nature conservation is very important and worth while and I support both these schemes whole heartedly. However I think it is worth approaching Barking and Dagenham to see if the costs can be shared.”

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