Martial arts event in Goodmayes Park to teach teens self-defence

Practitioners demonstrating knife defence skills

Practitioners demonstrating self-defence skills - Credit: Ekota Academy

A martial arts centre is hosting a free open-day event in Goodmayes Park next week to teach teens self-defence skills.

Anybody above the age of 12 is eligible to attend the Ekota Academy event, which will take place at 6.30pm on Friday July 9. 

Guro Shamim Hoque, director of the Filipino Martial Arts Academy in London, will demonstrate 'Kilusan', a style of Filipino martial arts (FMA) involving weapon-based training and footwork.

He said: "The beauty of Filipino martial arts is that it can be taught very quickly to people of all ages and abilities."

The purpose of the event is to tackle knife crime and other forms of criminality by teaching young people self-defence.

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Mr Hoque added: "Unlike many other martial arts, FMA focuses on the weapon first to build people's reaction, timing and speed very quickly so in self-defence situations you are able to make informed choices that best deal with given situations."

Organisers also hope to promote positive socialisation and healthy lifestyles among young people that have been affected by their time indoors due to the pandemic.

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