Good things happen, ask the lady who sold a £10 ring for £350k

PUBLISHED: 10:00 27 May 2017 | UPDATED: 09:52 30 May 2017

Time FM Steve Allen.

Time FM Steve Allen.


In what has been a difficult week it can be good to look for positive news out there, of nice things happening in people's lives.

I was taken by the story of a person who bought a ring at a car boot sale. It cost her £10.

I realise in the world of car boot sales that’s quite a lot.

If you have ever been to one you will see people who will barter over pennies.

I’m never sure that it’s worth it.

If you argue for 10 minutes over two pence you’re hourly rate is nowhere near the minimum wage.

It’s similar to that saying you hear: “If Bill Gates drops a dollar it’s not worth his time to bend down and pick it up.”

In the time it takes to pick up a dollar he has earned more than a dollar.

But he’s so rich he probably hires people to pick up his dropped dollars for him.

Not only is £10 a lot of money in car boot sales terms but it was also 30 years ago that she bought it.

To any young people who don’t remember the 1980s, £10 could buy you a round of 11 drinks, a stylish rara skirt or, in some parts of the north, a house.

The ring this lady bought, which she presumed was costume jewellery, looked like a beautiful diamond ring.

She took it home happy with her purchase and wore it for everyday tasks.

Three decades later she had it valued and it looked set to go for £350,000 at auction.

That’s a lot of money – £350,000 could buy you a house in parts of the south, and in some London bars, a round of 11 drinks.

It’s worth remembering that good luck, good fortune and nice things happen.

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